Set of tools for FEDs

npm install fedtools
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FED helper tools


npm install -g fedtools


Bootstrap a WF-RIA2 repository

cd ~/projects
fedtools wria2-init

This will:

  • Ask for several options:
    • Do you want to clone or use an existing repository
    • Where do you want to clone (if you choose to clone)
    • Where is the local repository (if you choose not to clone)
    • Which branch do you want to checkout
    • Do you want to start a full build when the repo is ready
  • It will then bootstrap a wria2 repository:
    • Clone under the path you chose if you decided to clone
    • Install git hooks to lint your code at commit time
    • Switch to the branch you provided
    • Copy YUI3 source files into your repository
    • Start a full build if you chose to

Build a full WF-RIA2 repository

cd ~/projects/wria2-git
fedtools wria2-build

Build a single component

cd ~/projects/wria2-git/wf2/src/wf2-simplemenu
fedtools wria2-build

This will:

  • Build wf2-simplemenu
  • Rebuild yui and loader to take any meta configuration changes into account

Create a wria2 module from scratch

cd ~/projects/wria2-git
fedtools wria2-mod

This will:

  • Ask for several options:
    • Do you want to create a widget (skinnable) or a simple js module
    • Do you also want to create a JSP tag template
    • What are the name, base class and namespace to be used
  • It will then generate the code of a functioning module
    • It will have support for skin NX and NXT
    • It will have a simple example page
    • It will have a simple unit test page
    • It will have a JSP tag template
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