Terminal logs for nodejs

npm install fedtools-logs
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Logs for node


var log = require('fedtools-logs');

log.success("This is a success message");
log.fatal("This is a fatal message");

Overriding defaults

You can change a few default configuration settings by updating your local npm configuration.

Maximum characters

You can update the maximum number of characters a single status line can contain. By default the number is 64.

To change it to 85 for example, open a terminal prompt and type the following:

npm config set fedtools-logs:max-len 85

To reset it to its default value:

npm config delete fedtools-logs:max-len


You can update the colors! The default colors (blue, green, yellow and red) can be overriden. It can be usefull if for example "blue" doesn't appear clearly on your fancy semi-transparent terminal :)

Here is how to change have "blue" logs being displayed using "cyan" instead:

npm config set fedtools-logs:color-blue cyan

You can find the list of available colors there: https://npmjs.org/package/cli-color

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