a ATOM and RSS feed parser

npm install feed-read
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Node.js module for parsing RSS and ATOM feeds into a common article object.


$ npm install feed-read


var feed = require("feed-read");

feed(url, callback)

Fetch a feed.

feed("http://craphound.com/?feed=rss2", function(err, articles) {
  if (err) throw err;
  // Each article has the following properties:
  //   * "title"     - The article title (String).
  //   * "author"    - The author's name (String).
  //   * "link"      - The original article link (String).
  //   * "content"   - The HTML content of the article (String).
  //   * "published" - The date that the article was published (Date).
  //   * "feed"      - {name, source, link}

feed.rss(rss_string, callback)

Parse a string of XML as RSS.

The callback receives (err, articles).

feed.atom(atom_string, callback)

Parse a string of XML as ATOM.

The callback receives (err, articles).

feed.identify(xml_string) // => "atom", "rss", or false

Identify what type of feed the XML represents.

Returns false when it is neither RSS or ATOM.



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