Automatically optimize front-end.

npm install feo
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Automatically optimize the web page faster!!


Now, Windows and Ubuntu not supported because of node-iconv cant install on these OS.

Optimize principle

Manual optimizing front end is very sucks. I want to simplify that. only one command.

  • Concat and minify script and css files on the page
  • Encode image files to base64 on the page( Off course! You need set Content-Encoding:gzip )
  • Minify html


npm install -g feo

Simple to use

1.Prepare feo.json

    "dist" : "examples/dist",
    "js" : {
        "compressor" : "yui-js",
        "root" : "examples/src"
    "css" : {
        "compressor" : "yui-css",
        "root" : "examples/src"
    "backgroundImage" : {
        "base64" : true,
    "image" : {
        "base64" : true,
        "root" : "examples/src"

2.Execute feo. Feo generates html, js and css files to dist directory.


Why output script, css files name contains hash?

  • You can set long expire time of contents.


  • For the page which is not UTF-8 encoding
  • Resolve CSS Import
  • Contents Lazy load

Dependencies with amazing library

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