Wrapper around miniglob / minimatch combo to allow multiple patterns matching and include-exclude ability

npm install fileset
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Exposes a basic wrapper on top of Glob / minimatch combo both written by @isaacs. Glob now uses JavaScript instead of C++ bindings which makes it usable in Node.js 0.6.x and Windows platforms.

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Adds multiples patterns matching and exlude ability. This is basically just a sugar API syntax where you can specify a list of includes and optional exclude patterns. It works by setting up the necessary miniglob "fileset" and filtering out the results using minimatch.


npm install fileset


Can be used with callback or emitter style.

  • include: list of glob patterns foo/**/*.js *.md src/lib/**/*
  • exclude: optional list of glob patterns to filter include results foo/**/*.js *.md
  • callback: optional function that gets called with an error if something wrong happend, otherwise null with an array of results

The callback is optional since the fileset method return an instance of EventEmitter which emit different events you might use:

  • match: Every time a match is found, miniglob emits this event with the pattern.
  • include: Emitted each time an include match is found.
  • exclude: Emitted each time an exclude match is found and filtered out from the fileset.
  • end: Emitted when the matching is finished with all the matches found, optionally filtered by the exclude patterns.


var fileset = require('fileset');

fileset('**/*.js', '**.min.js', function(err, files) {
  if (err) return console.error(err);

  console.log('Files: ', files.length);

Event emitter

var fileset = require('fileset');

fileset('**.coffee *.json Cakefile **.js', 'node_modules/**')
  .on('match', console.log.bind(console, 'error'))
  .on('include', console.log.bind(console, 'includes'))
  .on('exclude', console.log.bind(console, 'excludes'))
  .on('end', console.log.bind(console, 'end'));

fileset returns an instance of EventEmitter, with an includes property which is the array of Fileset objects (inheriting from miniglob.Miniglob) that were used during the mathing process, should you want to use them individually.

Check out the tests for more examples.


Run npm test


Mainly for a build tool with cake files, to provide me an easy way to get a list of files by either using glob or path patterns, optionally allowing exclude patterns to filter out the results.

All the magic is happening in Glob and minimatch. Check them out!

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