Filo fixed size buffer that can be used as a circular buffer

npm install filo-buffer
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What's filo-buffer?

filo-buffer is a nodejs module that provides a fixed size text buffer implementation.


The recommended way is through the excellent NPM:

$ npm install filo-buffer


  • Create a small buffer with a fixed size of 5 characters :
      var b = new FiloBuffer(5); // instanciate the FiloBuffer class
  • Put some data in it :
      b.toString(); // returns the buffer content => 'abc'
  • Same with more data :
      var b = new FiloBuffer(5);
      b.toString(); // => 'cdefg'

As an example, I use it as an alternative of log files in projects. A circular memory buffer limited to 4Kb is enough and no need to rotate, purge generated logs.

Enjoy !

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