find-files searches for file names that contain the supplied search term

npm install find-files
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Find Files

a simple search utility that will return any file whose name includes the provided search term

Install With npm

npm install findFiles

require it in node

var finder = require('find-files');

Use it

finder(value, options, callback);


  • value - string

    • your search term as a string, findFiles will convert your string to a regex for testing against file names so 'colou?r' would match any files that had either the English or American spelling of the word colour.
  • options - Object

         root:        'string' // root of search
         requireExts: array    // Optional - only return files which match extensions contained in array
         ignoreDirs:  array    // Optional - don't include directories contained in array
  • callback - Function - the callback is passed one argument which is an array of objects as below

         name: fileName,
         filepath: absolute path of the file including filename
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