Get/set data in form fields with consistent type coercion and validation

npm install fio
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"fio" (form IO) is a set of utilities for getting/setting data in HTML input and select form fields more consistently type coercion and validation.

It follows these conventions:

  • Disabled fields are ignored when getting values, but will be set if a value exists for it
  • Only checkboxes and radio buttons that checked are returned
  • Selectors pointing to inputs will be treated as a multi-value fields and will return an array on get (as well as expect an array when set). This of course excludes radio buttons due to the constraint mentioned above.
  • Checkbox and radio buttons are set via their value
  • Values are coerced based on the data-type attribute if one is present and falls back to the type attribute
  • Empty values are coerced to null





<script src="require.js"></script>
<script>require(['fio'], function(fio) { ... })</script>


<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="fio.js"></script>



Gets the input value given the selector.

fio.set(selector, value)

Sets the input value for the selector.

fio.coerce(value, type)

Coerces some value for the given type. This is generally performed after getInputValue is used.

fio.check(value, type)

Validates a value is of the given type. Returns a boolean denoting the result.



<input type=checkbox name=cbox1 value=foo checked>
<input type=checkbox name=cbox1 value=bar>
<input type=checkbox name=cbox1 value=baz checked>
fio.get('[name=cbox1]'); // ['foo', 'baz']

Multiple Inputs

<input name=range1 value=1>
<input name=range1 value=2>
fio.get('[name=range1]'); // [1, 2]

Disable Input

<input name=range2 value=1>
<input name=range2 value=2 disabled>
fio.get('[name=range2]'); // 1
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