fis server command.

npm install fis-command-server
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  Usage: server <command> [options]


    start                  start server
    stop                   shutdown server
    restart                restart server
    info                   output server info
    open                   open document root directory
    clean                  clean files in document root
    install <name>         install server framework


    -h, --help                     output usage information
    -p, --port <int>               server listen port
    --root <path>                  document root
    --type <php|java|node>         process language
    --rewrite [script]             enable rewrite mode
    --repos <url>                  install repository
    --timeout <seconds>            start timeout
    --php_exec <path>              path to php-cgi executable file
    --php_exec_args <args>         php-cgi arguments
    --php_fcgi_children <int>      the number of php-cgi processes
    --php_fcgi_max_requests <int>  the max number of requests
    --include <glob>               clean include filter
    --exclude <glob>               clean exclude filter
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