Feature Flipping for node.js

npm install flipper
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Flipper - feature flipping for node.js

Feature flipping (also called feature toggling) is a technique used in Continuous Deployment to allow developers to work on new features without blocking releases to production. 99 Designs explain it well.

There's also another implementation of feature flipping for node.js.


Defining a feature

var flipper = require('flipper');

Testing for a feature

var flipper = require('flipper');
if (flipper.mutatedDolphins) {
  /* dolphins are now mutated */
} else {
  /* normal dolphins */
/* alternatively */

Enabling a feature

flipper.mutatedDolphins = true;

Disabling a feature

flipper.mutatedDolphins = false;

Finding out all current features

flipper.allFeatures() /* returns array of { "feature name": status } */

Connect middleware

If you make use of the connect middleware:

var app = connect().use(flipper.http('/flipper')).listen(3000);

You can flip and inspect features via HTTP:

curl http://localhost:3000/flipper/ # returns all features with status (true/false)
curl http://localhost:3000/flipper/mutatedDolphins # returns status (true/false)
curl -X PUT http://localhost:3000/flipper/mutatedDolphins --data-binary true #enables the feature
curl -X PUT http://localhost:3000/flipper/mutatedDolphins --data-binary false


To survive application restarts, flipper can write a configuration file whenever a feature is added, enabled, or disabled. To enable this, call the persist function:

var flipper = require('flipper');
flipper.persist(__dirname  + '/features.json');
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