Prettify measurements to readable strings.

npm install format-measurement
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Format Measurement

It formats measurements!

In which ancient cave might I find you?

npm install format-measurement

Sing me the song of your people

var fmt = require('format-measurement');

fmt.metric.weight(1000) // -> '1 kg'
fmt.metric.weight(10) // -> '10 g'
fmt.metric.weight(15.686) // -> '15.69 g'

fmt.metric.volume(1000) // -> '1 L'
fmt.metric.volume(100) // -> '100 mL'
fmt.metric.volume(15.686) // -> '15.69 mL'

What can't you do?

Most things. In fact, right now, format-measurement only supports metric weight and volume units - and not very many of them (kg, g, L, mL). You'require totally welcome to do my work for me, though!

Will this work in my enormous corporation?

You might be better looking for something XML based. But otherwise, format-measurement is MIT licensed.

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