Populate html form elements with data and return updated object

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Populate html form elements with data and return updated object when action button clicked.

Great for use in conjunction with JSON Context.



<div id='form'>

    <strong>Name:</strong> <br />
    <input name='name' type='text' />

    <strong>Gender:</strong> <br />
    <input name='gender' value='male' type='radio' /> Male <br />
    <input name='gender' value='female' type='radio' /> Female

    <strong>Favorite Color:</strong <br />
    <select name='favoriteColor'>
      <option value='red'>Red</option>
      <option value='yellow'>Blue</option>
      <option value='green'>Green</option>

    <strong>Enabled hard core mode</strong>
    <input name='options.hardCore' type='checkbox' />

    <button data-action='save'>Save</button> or
    <a href='#' data-action='cancel'>Cancel</div>
var form = require('former')

var element = document.getElementById('form')

var originalObject = {
  name: 'Betty',
  favoriteColor: 'green',
  gender: 'female',
  options: {
    hardCore: false,
    otherOption: true

form(element, originalObject, function(action, updatedObject){

  // callback triggered when an element with data-action attribute is clicked

  // originalObject remains unchanged. 
  // updatedObject contains changes and any other original 
  //    fields even if they aren't in the form

  if (action == 'save'){

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