Frame slicing for windowed signal processing

npm install frame-hop
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Cuts a stream of floating point frames into a stream of partially overlapping frames.


//Create frame slicer
var slicer = require("frame-hop")(256, 64, function(frame) {
  console.log("Got a frame!", frame)

//Add frames to slices by calling slicer:


npm install frame-hop

require("frame-hop")(frame_size, hop_size, ondata[, max_data_size])

Creates a windowed frame slicer

  • frame_size is the size of an output frame
  • hop_size is the amount of hopping between frames
  • ondata(frame) is a callback that executed once per each frame that is sliced
  • max_data_size is the maximum amount of data per input frame (default frame_size)

Returns A function slicer(data) which adds some amount of data to the rolling frame buffer.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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