A freshbooks-cli plugin to generate freshbooks-cli plugins

npm install freshbooks-cli-create-plugin
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A freshbooks-cli plugin to generate freshbooks-cli plugins


freshbooks-cli is a command-line interface to the FreshBooks API.

freshbooks-create-plugin implements the create-plugin subcommand for freshbooks-cli.

It also happens to be a generator for Yeoman, though it does not follow the generator-_ naming convention.

freshbooks-create-plugin runs interactively. It will ask you to answer some questions about the plugin you are creating, and then generate the necessary files in the current directory.


Creating your plugin

$ mkdir freshbooks-cli-myplugin
$ cd freshbooks-cli-myplugin

$ freshbooks create-plugin
# ...

Editing your plugin

$ npm link
$ grunt watch # Automatically rebuild & test on file change events

Publishing your plugin

$ npm publish
$ npm unlink
$ npm install freshbooks-cli-myplugin -g


To rebuild & run the tests

$ git clone
$ cd freshbooks-cli-config
$ npm install
$ grunt test

You can use grunt watch to automatically rebuild and run the test suite when files are changed.

Use npm link from the project directory to tell freshbooks-cli to use your modified freshbooks-cli-create-plugin during development.

To contribute back, fork the repo and open a pull request with your changes.


Copyright (c) 2013 Logan Koester Licensed under the MIT license.

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