File naming consistency verification tool.

npm install fs-lint
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File naming consistency verification tool.

What is this?

It just checks that all your files, or different subsets of your files, follow a consistent naming convention. For example, you may want all your CSS or SASS or Stylus files to be named using a lowercase-with-dashes.css convention.


Most of the time:

$ npm install fs-lint --save-dev

You can install it globally as well.

CLI Usage


$ node_modules/.bin/fs-lint --help

  Usage: fs-lint [options]


    -h, --help           output usage information
    -c, --config <file>  specify configuration file
    -v, --verbose        show more information
    --color              force color display out of a TTY

$ cat .fs-lint
  "rules": [
      "files": [
      "naming": "lowerCamelCase",
      "level": "error"
      "files": "assets/css/**/*.styl",
      "naming": "lowercase-dash",
      "level": "warning"
$ node_modules/.bin/fs-lint
error: violates 'lowerCamelCase' naming: lib/FooBar.coffee
warning: violates 'lowercase-dash' naming: assets/css/fooBar.styl

Programmatic Usage

The module exports a class FsLint, that generates events.

FsLint.process(config, baseDir): check files, just like the CLI tool is doing. the config object should have the same organisation as the .fs-lint files, see above. The baseDir defaults to process.cwd, it specifies where the tool is looking for the patterns. Return false if some errors where encountered, true otherwise.

Event entry(entry): when there's a warning or error. entry contains naming, filePath, isError.

Event pattern(pattern): when starting globbing a path pattern.

Event unknownLevel(level): when stumbling upon an invalid level in the config.

Event unknownNaming(naming): when stumbling upon an invalid naming.

Event emptyPattern(pattern): when a path pattern does not match any file.


  • Can't specify custom naming conventions;
  • don't provide a Grunt task. Feel free to implement one.


  • Write proper tests;
  • allow the config. to specify custom naming conventions.


Feel free to fork and submit pull requests.

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