Builds hierarchies of directories and files

npm install fs-tree
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Builds a hierarchy of directories and files as a single asynchronous operation.


fs tree = require 'fs-tree'

fs tree ! {
    ideas = {
        colours = {
            "green.txt" = "apples, pears"
            "white.txt" = "snow"

...creates these directories and files:

./ideas/colours/green.txt  (apples, pears)
./ideas/colours/white.txt  (snow)

The root directory

By default the hierarchy is created in the current working directory.

Make a hierarchy under another directory like this:

fs tree '/your/root/directory' ! {
    subdir = {
        file = "contents"

Deleting the files you created

Retain a reference to the original tree to destroy it later:

tree = fs tree ! {
    subdir = {
        file = "contents"

// then later...
tree.destroy !

Destroying the tree is equivalent to

rm -rf <root directory>


The examples above are in PogoScript because it's pretty. There is no dependency on PogoScript, so you can use pure JavaScript if you prefer:

var fsTree = require('fs-tree');

    ideas: {
        colours: {
            "green.txt": "apples, pears",
            "white.txt": "snow"
}, function(err) {
    if (!err) {
        console.log("Tree created!");



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