A module that will literally kick all your files to a remote FTP server

npm install ftpkick
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Simply a module that kicks your folder out the door and up onto your FTP server of choice. If you don't like the word "kick", then you're allowed to silently replace it with "deploy" in your mind.

$ npm install ftpkick

This module was heavily inspired by some code written by @jarl-dk in CoffeeScript.


var ftpkick = require('ftpkick');

var args = {
  host: 'mytesthost',
  user: 'developer',
  password: 'supersecret'

ftpkick.connect(args).then(function(kicker) {
  console.log('Uploading to /myfolder');
  kicker.kick('./build', '/myfolder').then(function() {
    console.log('Successfully uploaded to /myfolder');
  }, function(e) {
    console.log('Failed to upload', e);

  kicker.on('uploaded', function(file) {
    console.log('Uploaded file: ', file);

  kicker.on('uploading', function(file) {
    console.log('Uploading file: ', file);

  kicker.on('savedcheckfile', function(file) {
    console.log('Saved checkfile with path: ', file);


ftpkick.connect(parameters) -> Promise

Connection parameters are directly passed on to the ftp package, so go look there for docs.

The .connect function returns a promise of a Connection object.

Connection#kick(localDirectory, targetDirectory, checkfile) -> Promise

As you might've guessed, the localDirectory is the directory you want to kick while the targetDirectory is the target where all your files hopefully will land.

The checkfile parameter, is an optional filename where the ctime of all uploaded files will be stored. If provided ftpkick will check against this file to make sure that it only uploads updated files. The checkfile is stored in the OS' temporary directory.

The method returns a promise, that will resolve on success and reject on failure


Call this when you want to end the FTP connection (after a kick)

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