Fuzzy filtering and string scoring

npm install fuzzaldrin
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Fuzzy filtering and string scoring.


npm install fuzzaldrin

filter(candidates, query, [options])

Sort and filter the given candidates by matching them against the given query.

  • candidates - An array of strings or objects.
  • query - A string query to match each candidate against.
  • options - An optional object with the following keys:
    • key - The property to use for scoring if the candidates are objects.
    • maxResults - The maximum numbers of results to return.

Returns an array of candidates sorted by best match against the query.

{filter} = require 'fuzzaldrin'

# With an array of strings
candidates = ['Call', 'Me', 'Maybe']
results = filter(candidates, 'me')
console.log(results) # ['Me', 'Maybe']

# With an array of objects
candidates = [
  {name: 'Call', id: 1}
  {name: 'Me', id: 2}
  {name: 'Maybe', id: 3}
results = filter(candidates, 'me', key: 'name')
console.log(results) # [{name: 'Me', id: 2}, {name: 'Maybe', id: 3}]

score(string, query)

Score the given string against the given query.

  • string - The string the score.
  • query - The query to score the string against.
{score} = require 'fuzzaldrin'

score('Me', 'me') # 0.75
score('Maybe', 'me') # 0.31499999999999995


git clone https://github.com/atom/fuzzaldrin.git
cd fuzzaldrin
npm install
npm test
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