small, standalone fuzzy search / fuzzy filter. browser or node

npm install fuzzy
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1k standalone fuzzy search / fuzzy filter a la Textmate and Sublime Text's command-T fuzzy file search. Node or browser.

Get it


$ npm install fuzzy
$ node
> var fuzzy = require('fuzzy');
> console.log(fuzzy)
{ test: [Function],
  match: [Function],
  filter: [Function] }


<script src="/path/to/fuzzy.js"></script>
  // Object >
  //   filter: function (pattern, arr, opts) {
  //   match: function (pattern, string, opts) {
  //   test: function (pattern, string) {

Use it

Padawan: Simply filter an array of strings.

var list = ['baconing', 'narwhal', 'a mighty bear canoe'];
var results = fuzzy.filter('bcn', list)
var matches = results.map(function(el) { return el.string; });
// [ 'baconing', 'a mighty bear canoe' ]

Jedi: Wrap matching characters in each string

var list = ['baconing', 'narwhal', 'a mighty bear canoe'];
var options = { pre: '<', post: '>' };
var results = fuzzy.filter('bcn', list, options)
// [
//   {string: '<b>a<c>o<n>ing'           , index: 0, score: 3, original: 'baconing'},
//   {string: 'a mighty <b>ear <c>a<n>oe', index: 2, score: 3, original: 'a mighty bear canoe'}
// ]

Jedi Master: sometimes the array you give is not an array of strings. You can pass in a function that creates the string to match against from each element in the given array

var list = [
    {rompalu: 'baconing', zibbity: 'simba'}
  , {rompalu: 'narwhal' , zibbity: 'mufasa'}
  , {rompalu: 'a mighty bear canoe', zibbity: 'saddam hussein'}
var options = {
    pre: '<'
  , post: '>'
  , extract: function(el) { return el.rompalu; }
var results = fuzzy.filter('bcn', list, options);
var matches = results.map(function(el) { return el.string; });
// [ '<b>a<c>o<n>ing', 'a mighty <b>ear <c>a<n>oe' ]


Check out the html files in the examples directory


Code is well documented and the unit tests cover all functionality


Fork the repo!

git clone <your_fork>
cd fuzzy
npm install -d

Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint, test, and minify using make, then shoot me a pull request.

Release History

v0.1.0 - July 25, 2012


Copyright (c) 2012 Matt York Licensed under the MIT license.

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