A stream to send JS objects to a Graylog2 server (in GELF format)

npm install gelf-stream
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A node.js stream to send JS objects to a Graylog2 server (in GELF format).

Also provides a stream that can be used directly in Bunyan and provides a number of sane mappings.


var split = require('split')
  , bunyan = require('bunyan')
  , gelfStream = require('gelf-stream')

// gelf-stream comes with Bunyan support

var stream = gelfStream.forBunyan('localhost')

var log = bunyan.createLogger({name: 'foo', streams: [{type: 'raw', stream: stream}]})'Testing Bunyan') // will be sent to the Graylog2 server on localhost

log.error(new Error('Oh noes!')) // will extract file/line numbers too

stream.end() // Bunyan doesn't currently end the stream when the program has finished

// Or you can use it to stream any sort of object/string

  .pipe(split()) // split into lines
  .pipe(gelfStream.create('localhost', {defaults: {level: 6}}))



gelfStream.create([host], [port], [options])

gelfStream.forBunyan([host], [port], [options])


With npm do:

npm install gelf-stream
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