Yeoman generator for AngularJS using RequireJS

npm install generator-angular-require
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AngularJS-RequireJS generator

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Yeoman generator for AngularJS using RequireJS - lets you quickly set up a project with sensible defaults and best practises.


Install generator-angular-require:

npm install -g generator-angular-require

Make a new directory, and cd into it:

mkdir my-new-project && cd $_

Run yo angular-require, optionally passing an app name:

yo angular-require [app-name]

Run grunt for building and grunt serve for preview


Available generators:

Note: Generators are to be run from the root directory of your app.


Sets up a new AngularJS-RequireJS app, generating all the boilerplate you need to get started. The app generator also optionally installs Twitter Bootstrap and additional AngularJS modules, such as angular-resource (installed by default). All files created will be in the RequireJS/AMD format, and therefore all will be within "define" blocks.


yo angular-require


Generates a controller and view, and configures a route in app/scripts/app.js connecting them.


yo angular-require:route myroute

Produces app/scripts/controllers/myroute.js:

define(['angular'], function (angular) {
  'use strict';
  angular.module('myApp.controllers.myrouteCtrl', [])
    .controller('myrouteCtrl', function ($scope) {
      // ...

Produces app/views/myroute.html:

<p>This is the myroute view</p>


Generates a controller in app/scripts/controllers.


yo angular-require:controller user

Produces app/scripts/controllers/user.js:

define(['angular'], function (angular) {
  'use strict';
  angular.module('myApp.controllers.userCtrl', [])
    .controller('userCtrl', function ($scope) {
      // ...


Generates a directive in app/scripts/directives.


yo angular-require:directive myDirective

Produces app/scripts/directives/myDirective.js:

define(['angular'], function (angular) {
  'use strict';
  angular.module('myApp.directives.myDirective', [])
    .directive('myDirective', function () {
      return {
        template: '<div></div>',
        restrict: 'E',
        link: function postLink(scope, element, attrs) {
          element.text('this is the myDirective directive');


Generates a filter in app/scripts/filters.


yo angular-require:filter myFilter

Produces app/scripts/filters/myFilter.js:

define(['angular'], function (angular) {
  'use strict';
  angular.module('myApp.filters.myFilter', [])
    .filter('myFilter', function () {
      return function (input) {
        return 'myFilter filter:' + input;


Generates an HTML view file in app/views.


yo angular-require:view user

Produces app/views/user.html:

<p>This is the user view</p>


Generates an AngularJS service.


yo angular-require:service myService

Produces app/scripts/services/myService.js:

define(['angular'], function (angular) {
  'use strict';
  angular.module('', [])
    .service('myService', function () {
      // ...

You can also do yo angular:factory, yo angular:provider, yo angular:value, and yo angular:constant for other types of services.


Generates an AngularJS service decorator.


yo angular-require:decorator serviceName

Produces app/scripts/decorators/serviceNameDecorator.js:

define(['angular'], function (angular) {
  'use strict';
  angular.module('myApp.decorators.serviceName', [])
    .config(function ($provide) {
      $provide.decorator('serviceName', function ($delegate) {
        // ...
        return $delegate;


In general, these options can be applied to any generator, though they only affect generators that produce scripts.


CoffeeScript is not supported at this time. Sorry. We'll take a look at CoffeeScript possibly being added at a later date.

What happened to the Minification Safe option?


Related Issue #452: This option has been removed in accordance with this issue on GitHub. The recommended build process uses ngmin, a tool that automatically adds these annotations. However, if you'd rather not use ngmin, you have to add these annotations manually yourself. **One thing to note is that ngmin does not produce minsafe code for things that are not main level elements like controller, services, providers, etc.:

resolve: {
  User: function(myService) {
    return MyService();

will need to be manually done like so:

resolve: {
  User: ['myService', function(myService) {
    return MyService();

Bower Components

The following packages are always installed by the app generator:

  • angular
  • angular-mocks
  • angular-scenario

The following additional modules are available as components on bower, and installable via bower install:

  • angular-cookies
  • angular-loader
  • angular-resource
  • angular-sanitize

All of these can be updated with bower update as new versions of AngularJS are released.

As part of the grunt build command, bower dependencies are inserted into the bootstrap.js file using the bower:app task specified in the Gruntfile. The test-bootstrap.js file is taken care of by keeping it's dependencies in line with bootstrap.js. This is handled by the replace:test task within the Gruntfile.


Yeoman generated projects can be further tweaked according to your needs by modifying project files appropriately.


You can change the app directory by adding a appPath property to bower.json. For instance, if you wanted to easily integrate with Express.js, you could add the following:

  "name": "yo-test",
  "version": "0.0.0",
  "appPath": "public"

This will cause Yeoman-generated client-side files to be placed in public.


Running grunt test will run the unit tests with karma.


See the contributing docs

When submitting an issue, please follow the guidelines. Especially important is to make sure Yeoman is up-to-date, and providing the command or commands that cause the issue.

When submitting a PR, make sure that the commit messages match the AngularJS conventions.

When submitting a bugfix, write a test that exposes the bug and fails before applying your fix. Submit the test alongside the fix.

When submitting a new feature, add tests that cover the feature.


BSD license

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And finally

Much <3 to the Yeoman community for creating such a great tool!

If you like generator-angular-require, please tell your friends and colleagues. If you are writing about or mentioning generator-angular-require, let me know and I will happily link to it from here.

Thank you!

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