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npm install generator-angularjs-library
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A generator for Yeoman to generate the boilerplate for creating an AngularJS library that can be used in any AngularJS app.

If you want to build a standalone AngularJS library with directives, filters or services, then this generator allows you to rapidly create the boilerplate for your new library, including the grunt configuration for building your library files and karma configuration for testing your code.

Getting started

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-angularjs-library
  • Run: yo angularjs-library
  • Answer the questions and the generator will create the boilerplate for your library

What the generator does for you

The generator:

  • creates a src directory structure with the boilerplate code for your AngularJS library
  • creates a test directory structure to store your unit tests and e2e tests
  • creates a sample unit test in the test/unit/ directory
  • creates a custom Gruntfile.js to build, minify and uglify your library
  • creates a custom karma-unit.conf.js to let karma run your unit tests
  • creates a custom bower.json file for your library
  • creates a custom package.jsonfile for your library

Here's an overview of the files that are automatically generated for you:

| Gruntfile.js (custom Gruntfile.js to build your library for distribution)
| bower.json (custom bower.json file)
| components (bower dependencies)
| dist
|---- yourLibraryName.js (optionally built by Grunt)
|---- yourLibraryName.min.js (optionally built by Grunt)
| karma-unit.conf.js (custom karma configuration for unit testing)
| node_modules (node dependencies)
| package.json (custom package.json file)
| src
|---- yourLibraryName
|     |---- directives (optional)
|     |---- filters (optional)
|     |---- yourLibraryName.js (boilerplate for your AngularJS library)
|     |---- yourLibraryName.prefix
|     |---- yourLibraryName.suffix
|     |---- services (optional)
| test
|---- e2e
|     |---- yourLibraryName
|---- unit
|     |---- yourLibraryName
|     |     |---- yourLibraryName.js

What's left for you

  • Add custom code to your library
  • Build your library files for distribution (see below)
  • Test your code and add your own tests (see below)
  • Use your library in any AngularJS app by adding it as a required module in your app definition

How to add code to your library

The basic library structure will be created automatically for you in the src folder.

You can edit the existing files or add additional files in the src folder to add functionality to your library.

How to build your library

Run: grunt

All files in the src directory will be jshinted and 2 files will be generated in the dist directory:

  • <yourLibraryName>.js: regular version of your library to use in development
  • <yourLibraryName>.min.js: minified and uglified version of your library to use in production

How to test your code

There are two directory structures for storing tests:

  • Unit tests are stored in test/unit/
  • E2E tests are stored in test/e2e/

To run your unit tests: karma start ./karma-unit.conf.js


MIT License

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