generator-buster ================

npm install generator-buster
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Yeoman generator for BusterJS


You can install this generator by two ways, clonning repo and linking or install by npm. To install clonnig repo run:

$ git clone
$ cd generator-buster
$ npm link

Or to install by npm run:

$ npm install

Node configuration

This generator does't work correctly with node 0.10.0 due buster, but works perfectly with node 0.9.9, also you need to install buster an phantom js globally:

$ npm install -g buster phantomjs


To create configuration files for buster you need to run:

$ yo buster


You can create tests by:

$ yo buster:newtest example

This will create a example-test.js file with a basic template. Also you can refer a file with a second parameter:

$ yo buster:newtest example models/example-model
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