a dummy generator - light Sass & coffee front-end base

npm install generator-dummies
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A light Sass & coffee front-end base in a generator for Yeoman. It scaffold a Dummy 1.0.0


  • npm install -g generator-dummies
  • yo dummies
  • run grunt serve
  • work


Go check the Dummy to get a full list!

  • A watch task to compile CoffeeScripts (optional) & Sass
  • Autoprefixer for css
  • Live reloading
  • A task to generate annotated sources fo Sass & CoffeScript files
  • Notifications for errors.

To discuss


  • lint files / check for code syntax conventions


  • Add a task to check git HEAD before running any task. (grunt-git ?)

Road map

  • split grunt tasks into files
  • solve discussions questions and implement them
  • Add imagemin to handle optimization
  • custom Modernizr build
  • 2.0.0: Write full suite test

  • Browserify / CommonJS

  • Add tasks to export sources, and push to prod
  • Add grunt configuration for symfony2
  • Full compatibility (livereloading) with skinFlex for Typo3 (clean the cache entry in database)


The build and serve tasks use the plugin grunt-contrib-sass, it requires you to have Ruby

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