Website boilerplate generator for yeoman

npm install generator-frontster
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Simple frontend boilerplate built on yeoman, bower and grunt.

npm install -g generator-frontster
cd myProjectFolder
yo frontster


grunt [build] # build project
grunt server # connect server with livereload for prototyping
grunt server:dist # build and load server
grunt prebuild # fast build with no minification for debugging
grunt wdist # prebuild with watch
grunt wdist:server # prebuild with watch and server
grunt addB:name # add block with html,sass,coffee files and add it to styles/_blocks.sass
grunt removeB:name # remove block
grunt updateBlockList # updates blocks.sass

Prototypes navigation:

  • Ctrl+SHift+X
  • 3 double taps with two fingers


  • Ruby:
    • Sass
    • Compass
    • Foundation (optional)
  • Node.js:
    • Grunt-cli
    • Bower
    • bower


  • make sub-generators for blocks, types etc.
  • check yo generators for best practices
  • add tests

Release History

  • 0.0.0 almost no changes from Frontster
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