A Yeoman generator for Laravel

npm install generator-genlaravel
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The Yeoman Generator for Laravel. Genlaravel takes you from scratching your head wondering where to start, all the way to running laravel in few minutes. I have configuration options that will help deploy and get started with laravel with ease.

  • Downloading laravel
  • Dowloading composer
  • installing laravel using composer
  • Configure Database Settings
  • Added vagrant Support

How To Use

If you do not already have the Yeoman installed install it now, and might as well install me at the same time (NOTE: don't type the $):

$ npm install -g yo generator-genlaravel

And run me:

$ yo genlaravel

In order to use Vagrant run:

   $ yo genlaravel --advanced

Follow my prompts inorder to install laravel with ease.



The features needed to be implemented are:

  • Adding Laravel 4 Generators Scaffolding Support
  • To Add Heroku Deployment
  • Add memcached and Redis support to vagrant setup
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