A generator for Yeoman that sets up an Ink ( project template

npm install generator-ink
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A generator for Yeoman for projects using the awesome Ink framework

Getting Started


Note: Make sure you have installed yeoman before installing this generator.

$ npm install -g generator-ink

First Run

$ yo ink

After running this command, generator-ink will ask you to choose a layout. You can see available layouts (with screenshots) here.

generator-ink screenshot


$ yo ink:page <layout_name> [file_name]

With this subgenerator you can create pages inside your project folder. Just make sure to insert the correct layout name, and optionally a file name of your liking. If you don't specify a file_name, generator-ink will generate one for you with a timestamp in the name to avoid overwriting any file you have already in your project.

Available Layouts

Go to to see available layouts along with their screenshots.


MIT License

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