A generator for Laravel (with Yeoman)

npm install generator-laravel
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</style><title>README</title></head><body><h1 id="generator-laravel">Generator-laravel</h1>

<p><a href=""><img src="" alt="Build Status"></a></p>

<p>A generator for Yeoman.</p>

<h2 id="getting-started">Getting started</h2>

<li>Make sure you have <a href="">yo</a> installed:
<code>npm install -g yo</code></li>
<li>Install the generator: <code>npm install -g generator-laravel</code></li>
<li>Run: <code>yo laravel</code></li>

<h2 id="todo">Todo</h2>

<li><code>yo laravel</code> =&gt; show help</li>
<li><code>yo laravel:doctor</code> =&gt; Control/fix bug or issue in the folder</li>
<li><code>yo laravel:install [DIRECTORY] [OPTIONS]</code> =&gt; install a new laravel setup.</li>
<li><code>yo laravel:prepare [DIRECTORY] [OPTIONS]</code> =&gt; prepare laravel to deploy</li>
<li><code>yo laravel:migrate [DIRECTORY] [OPTIONS]</code> =&gt; run migration</li>
<li><code>yo laravel:down [DIRECTORY] [OPTIONS]</code>    =&gt; run artisan down command</li>
<li><code>yo laravel:up [DIRECTORY] [OPTIONS]</code>      =&gt; run artisan up command</li>
<li><p><code>yo laravel:register [PATH] [OPTIONS]</code>     =&gt; register a path to the pool</p>

    --pool -p [value] =&gt; --pool TEST/debug
    --name -n [value] =&gt; --name testSMS
<li><p><code>yo laravel:unregister [PATH] [OPTIONS]</code>   =&gt; unregister a path</p>

<pre><code>if path is empty, search for current directory in pool and remove all occurrence.
if path is define, it must be the pool path "TEST/debug/testSMS"
<li><p><code>yo laravel:pool [POOLPATH] [OPTIONS]</code>                =&gt; return pool information</p>

<pre><code>if no options are detected, return the complete list, if a poolpath are setted it return all path in that poolpath

--addto [POOLPATH] =&gt; add pool to pool (inceptionnnnnn)

example :
yo laravel:pool TEST/debug --addto TEST/debug2 =&gt; TEST/debug2 will now contain debug (TEST/debug2/debug), TEST/debug is still alive

--moveto [POOLPATH] =&gt; move pool to another pool

example :
yo laravel:pool TEST/debug --moveto TEST/debug2 =&gt; TEST/debug2 will now contain debug (TEST/debug2/debug), TEST/debug is not accessible

--remove =&gt; remove a Path/pool from cfg
--rename =&gt; rename a Path/pool

<h2 id="license">License</h2>

<p><a href="">MIT License</a></p>
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