A generator for Yeoman. Designed for Mobile Marketing Dept with heart.

npm install generator-mm-project
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Generator mm-project

A generator for Yeoman. Aiming to easily set up Taobao Mobile Marketing projects.

Getting Started

Launch a new app

Install related tools by running:

$ npm install -g yo grunt-cli spm generator-mm-project

And then initialize in a directory (either empty or not):

$ yo mm-project

When you're gonna step to further development, try sub-generator:

$ yo mm-project:page <page_name>

Participate in an existed app

Asume that you are taking part in an existed app, check the command below:

Firstly, clone the repo:

$ git clone <repo_url>

Install npm dependencies after that:

$ npm install

Finally, you make any change or just start a new page using mm-project:page

You may seek more info here:

  • Yeoman: Modern workflows for modern webapps.
  • Grunt: The javascript task runner.
  • SPM: A package manager.


A member of Taobao ABC specifications.

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