Noscript project generator for Yeoman

npm install generator-noscript
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Noscript generator

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A noscript project generator for Yeoman.

Getting started

Make sure you have yo, grunt-cli and bower installed:

npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower

Install the generator:

npm install -g generator-noscript

Make a new directory and cd into it:

mkdir new-ns-project && cd $_

Run yo noscript and answer some prompts. After the dependencieas are installed run grunt build to assemble the project or grunt server to start local development server.


List of available generators:

Note: Generators are supposed to be run from the root directory of your app.


Generates most of the boilerplate code you need to get started with a noscript app. Sets up the following folder structure:

/app            Folder, containing your front-end code:
  /views        - ns.Views
  /models       - ns.Models
  /layouts      - ns.Layouts
  /actions      - ns.Actions
  /components   - non-ns code, e.g. widgets or helpers
  routes.js     - route definitions
  init.js       - initialization code

/server         Folder, containing back-end, express powered code:
  /views        - yate templates
  /models       - model retrieval modules
  server.js     - main server-side script
  models.js     - models connector
  index.js      - main application template renderer

/tests          Tests folder
  /spec         Spec folder
  tests.html    Test-runner file

/vendor         Folder, containing bower-installed dependencies
/styles         Project CSS written in Stylus


Gruntfile comes bundled with following tasks:

  • grunt build assembles the project, building templates and concatenating scripts,
  • grunt server builds the project and starts up a local instance of express server with livereload.

The generated app will use:

  • Yate for templates,
  • Stylus for CSS preprocessing,
  • Express as backend router and server.


yo noscript


Generates ns.Model definition and pairs it with server-side model retrieval module. Note that dasherized or underscored names are camel-cased as per convention.

Pass --collection option to generate ns.ModelCollection definition.


yo noscript:model sampleModel
yo noscript:model sampleModels --collection


Generates ns.View definition with a corresponding Yate template. Note that dasherized or underscored names are camel-cased as per convention.

Pass --collection option to generate ns.ViewCollection definition.


yo noscript:view sampleView
yo noscript:view sampleViews --collection


Lists views, models or layouts currently present in the project.


yo noscript:list views
yo noscript:list models
yo noscript:list layouts


MIT License

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