A Yeoman generator for a Jekyll site utilizing thoughtbot's Bourbon toolset.

npm install generator-playbook
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Playbook is a Yeoman generator to get you building interfaces faster. Jekyll is included for static site generation. Bourbon, Neat & Bitters are included to help you write CSS faster.

Grunt is used for compilation of Sass and CoffeeScript (optional). Bower is used for managing dependencies.


If you do not have Node.js >=0.10, Yeoman >=1.1.2, Ruby >=1.9 and the Bundler gem installed, you must do that first:


npm install -g generator-playbook


Playbook will run bundle install, so if you would like to install the Playbook gems into a gemset, set that up before running yo playbook.

mkdir project-name && cd project-name
yo playbook

Should you run into an error such as command yo not found it may be related to a path issue when installing Node.js via Homebrew. Please refer to the top answer on this StackOverflow question.

Grunt Tasks

grunt serve

Serve your source locally into your browser. LiveReload will automatically load any changes to HTML, CSS and JavaScript that you make.

grunt check

Check the quality of your source with tools like JSLint, CSSLint and csscss.

grunt test

Run any test that you have defined for your source.

grunt build

Build the concatenated, minified production version of the source into the dist directory.

grunt deploy

Deploy the production version of the source to GitHub Pages. This ability is configurable during Playbook generation.

If you choose to utilize grunt-build-control to deploy a GitHub Pages user/organization site, your source must live in a branch other than master. GitHub Pages user/organization sites serve the files found in the master branch to the browser.

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