A Yeoman generator for Steroids

npm install generator-steroids
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Steroids generator

A Yeoman generator for Steroids.

Available generators

  • steroids:ng-resource – generates an AngularJS-based resource using local data.
  • steroids:ng-scaffold – generates an Angular.js CRUD scaffold to work with a REST-API.
  • steroids:ng-sqlite-scaffold – generates an Angular.js CRUD scaffold that uses Peristence.js and WebSQL as a backend, with an option to switch to Cordova's SQLite plugin.
  • steroids:ng-touchdb-resource – generates an Angular.js resource that syncs data in an external CouchDB database with a local TouchDB database.
  • steroids:bb-scaffold – generates an Backbone.js CRUD scaffold to work with a REST-API.
  • steroids:example:<exampleName> – Generates an example demonstrating a Steroids feature.
  • steroids:tutorial:<tutorialName> – Generates the Steroids tutorials.


Make sure you have yo installed:

$ npm install yo -g

Then, install the Steroids generator with

$ npm install generator-steroids -g


Create a new Steroids project with Steroids npm and go to the folder.

For a resource:

yo steroids:<resource>

and give your resource a name. The resource files will be created and Bower will install all required dependencies.

For an example resource:

yo steroids:example:<exampleName>

Options: exampleName: name of the example to generate.

Available examples:

  • accelerometer -- Access the device's accelerometer.
  • animation -- Using native animations without moving to another document (iOS-only).
  • audio -- Play back audio files through Cordova's Media API.
  • camera -- Access the device's camera and photo library.
  • compass -- Access the device's compass.
  • device -- Access the device properties.
  • drawer -- Using the native Facebook-style drawer (iOS-only).
  • drumMachine -- Demonstrate Steroids Audio API via a kickin' drum machine.
  • geolocation -- Access the device's geolocation data.
  • layerStack -- Native navigation, page transitions and backstack handling.
  • modal -- Using the modal window.
  • navigationBar -- Using the native navigation bar.
  • notification -- Access native notifications.
  • photoGallery -- Use Cordova's Camera and File APIs and Steroids native windowing to create a one-picture photo gallery.
  • preload -- Preload WebViews to have them available immediately.
  • s3upload -- Uploading photos to s3
  • storage -- Access Cordova's SQL Storage API.

For a tutorial:

yo steroids:tutorial:<tutorialName>

Options: tutorialName: name of the tutorial to generate.

Available tutorials:

  • begin -- The very basics of AppGyver Steroids, start here
  • steroids -- Basics of Steroids Native UI enhancements
  • controllers -- Basics of Controllers (requires the 'steroids' tutorial to be generated first)

Known issues

The current Steroids project structure places bower.json in config/bower.json. For the installed dependencies to be saved into the Bower config file, you need to have bower.json in your project root. A future version of Steroids npm will have the bower.json in the correct location.


MIT License

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