A generator for Yeoman

npm install generator-yui3
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A Yeoman generator for YUI3 Projects


sudo npm install -g generator-yui3

Create project

yo yui3 awesomeProject


Allow you to overwrite default configuration

   "project" : "awesomeProject",
   "lang" : ["fr", "en", "es", "de"]

This generator scaffold the following YUI3 project structure :

└── src
    └── awesomeproject-loader
        ├── build.json
        ├── js
        │   └── awesomeproject.js
        ├── scripts
        │   └── meta_join.js
        └── template
            └── meta.js

Create module

yo yui3:module <module_name>

Add template to an existing module is optionnal

yo yui3:addtemplate <template_name>

Add lang to an existing module

Without arguments the scaffolder creates all the lang setted in the .generator-yui3.json.

yo yui3:addlang


yo yui3:addlang <lang1,lang2>

Use yo yui3:build-module to shift the module

This can be use whenever you are in the module (js, assets, build, meta, ...)

yo yui3:build-module

internals tasks for Shifter

compile handlebars template

yo yui3:handlebars
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