A geojson in github extractor

npm install geohub
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Simple GeoJSON extractor from Github repos and Gists


npm install geohub


// Extract GeoJSON from a gist 
Geohub = require('geohub');
var gist = 6021269;

// send the id 
Geohub.gist( { id: gist, token: '(optional) github_api_token', function( err, data ){
  console.log( data );

// Extract GeoJSON from a repo 
var user = 'chelm', 
  repo = 'grunt-geo'
  path = 'forks';

Geohub.repo( user, repo, path, function( err, data ){
  console.log( data );

// return all geojson files in repo 
Geohub.repo( user, repo, null, function( err, data ){
  console.log( data.length );
  // logs out: 3 

// check a files sha (useful for caching)
Geohub.repoSha( user, repo, path, function( err, sha ){
  console.log( sha);


grunt vows


  • Was going to the use the node-github module but ran into some issues with accessing content with it
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