Add a URL shortening service to any Express.js app using Shorty middleware

npm install get-shorty
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Integrate a URL shortening service into any Express.js app using Shorty middleware.


  • An Express.js app with express.bodyParser() included above Shorty in the middleware stack
  • Mongoose

Getting Started

Simply require Shorty as part of your Express.js middleware stack passing in the necessary configuration options.

$ npm install get-shorty

var express = require("express"),
    http = require("http"),
    app = express(),
    mongoose = require("mongoose"),
    Shorty = require("get-shorty");




Using Shorty

Creating a Shortened URL

To create a shortened URL, simply POST a JSON object to your Shorty path (default with your URL set as the "URI" property. For example,

    "uri": ""

Accessing a Shortened URL

Visit the shorty path with the given alias and you will be redirected to the stored URL (e.g.

Configuration Options

To configure Shorty, pass a configuration object with one or more of the following properties

  • path The route at where the Shorty middleware will reside (default: "shorty")
  • urlLifespan Time to live for each shortened URL created in seconds (default: Links do not expire)
  • collectionName The name of the collection that will store your shortened URLs in MongoDB (default: "Shorty")
  • aliasLength Determines the character length for the alias of each shortened URL (default: 5)

For example,

    path: "urls",
    urlLifeSpan: 604800         // Redirects expire after a week
    aliasLength: 2                    // Aliases will be 2 characters in length

// Example redirect path 



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