Get and typecast environment variables.

npm install getenv
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Helper to get and typecast environment variables. This is especially useful if you are building Twelve-Factor-Apps where all configuration is stored in the environment.


npm install getenv


Set environment variables:

export HTTP_HOST="localhost"
export HTTP_PORT=8080
export HTTP_START=true
export AB_TEST_RATIO=0.5
export KEYWORDS="sports,business"
export PRIMES="2,3,5,7"

Get and use them:

var getenv = require('getenv');

var host = getenv('HTTP_HOST'); // same as getenv.string('HTTP_HOST');
var port ='HTTP_PORT');
var start = getenv.bool('HTTP_START');

if (start === true) {
  // var server = http.createServer();
  // server.listen(port, host);

var abTestRatio = getenv.float('AB_TEST_RATIO');

if (Math.random() < abTestRatio) {
  // test A
} else {
  // test B

var keywords = getenv.array('KEYWORDS');
keywords.forEach(function(keyword) {
  // console.log(keyword);

var primes = getenv.array('PRIMES', 'int');
primes.forEach(function(prime) {
  // console.log(prime, typeof prime);


All methods accept a fallback value that will be returned if the requested environment variable is not set. If the fallback value is omitted and if the requested environment variable does not exist, an exception is thrown.

env(name, [fallback])

Alias for env.string(name, [fallback]).

env.string(name, [fallback])

Return as string., [fallback])

Return as integer number.

env.float(name, [fallback])

Return as float number.

env.bool(name, [fallback])

Return as boolean.

env.array(name, [type], [fallback])

Split value of the environment variable at each comma and return the resulting array where each value has been typecast according to the type parameter. An array can be provided as fallback.



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This module is licensed under the MIT license.

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