Easier handling of configuration for client-based apps.

npm install getset
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An easier way of handling config options for client-side apps. Specially when it comes to changing settings and upgrading.


var config = require('getset').load('/path/to/config/file');

config.set('foo', 'bar');
config.get('foo'); // 'bar'{
  if (!err) console.log('Saved successfully!')

Bells & whistles

var config = require('getset');

config.load('/file/that/will/be/read/asynchronously', function(err){

  if (!err) config.update('foo', 'bar'); // will set() and save()

  config.on('changed', function(){
    console.log('Hold on, someone just changed something!')


  • Singleton. Require from anywhere and you'll get the same object.
  • Uses a single, readable .ini file for persistence.
  • Restricts setting key/values to what's already in there.
  • Can sync with updated/new config files without overwriting existing values.
  • Can watch the config file for changes and reload + notify if it happens.
  • Has no dependencies.


Written by Tomás Pollak.

(c) 2012 Fork Ltd. MIT licensed.

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