The global package manager.

npm install geyser
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Geyser is a global package manager for npm. It offers a generic solution to the problem of global package management.

Geyser runs over npm itself, and is package-agnostic.


Geyser depends on Node and npm. It should be installed globally:

sudo npm install -g geyser


Installing Packages

Using the dependencies listed in the current directory's geyser.json

geyser install

Using the dependencies listed in some other .json file

geyser install using ~/Dropbox/dev/node-globals.json

Defining a Package

You must create a geyser.json and specify all of your environment's dependencies with optional metadata.

You can interactively create a geyser.json with the following command:

geyser init

The geyser.json defines several options:

  • name: The name of your package.
  • version: A semantic version number. (see semver)
  • dependencies [hash]: Packages your package depends on.
    "name": "my-project",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "dependencies": {
      "bower": "latest",
      "grunt": "0.4.2",
      "coffee-script": "*"


Copyright 2014 Justin Godesky. Released under the MIT License.

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