Batch convert Github flavored markdown files through the command-line.

npm install gh-markdown-cli
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Github Flavored Markdown Node.js CLI

Batch convert Markdown files into HTML.


Install node.js 0.6.0+ and run:

sudo npm install gh-markdown-cli -g

This will create an alis to the executable on your /usr/local/bin folder, if you install it without the -g flag you won't be able use it as global command-line utility.

Usage example

mdown --input src --output doc

This will convert any .md files it can find inside the --input directory and it's child folders and output them into the --output folder.

If you want to convert only files inside the directory itself but ignore child folders change the --include glob to "*.md":

mdown -i src -o doc --include "*.md"

And if you want to use a different extension than ".md" update the --include glob to match it:

mdown -i src -o doc --include "**/*.mdown"

You can specify HTML files to be used as header and footer of all the pages:

mdown -o dist --header "assets/header.html" --footer "assets/header.html"

For a list of all available options run:

mdown -h


The real work was done by the creators of the open source libraries used by this project (node-glob, minimatch, wrench-js, github-flavored-markdown, commander.js), I only assembled things together to make it easier to use, the credit should go to them.



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