Ghost Buster is a CLI tool for Ghost apps.

npm install ghost-buster
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Ghost Buster

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Version 1.0.0 removed support for deploying to Modulus' cloud storage. The current and only way to deploy is to create/edit your blog locally then deploy to Modulus.

If you are using Ghost 0.3.3 with cloud storage on Modulus, use ghost-buster version 0.0.7. Also, please continue to use 0.3.3.

Ghost Buster is a CLI tool for Ghost apps.


$ npm install -g ghost-buster


$ cd /path/to/ghost
$ ghost-buster [options]

     --version                      print ghost-buster version and exit
-db  --database [pathtodb]          Pushing Local blog at [path]instead of syncing with cloud storage)
-u   --upgrade [ghostversion]       Upgrade Ghost (Doesn\'t automatically run ghost-buster))


To convert your ghost project to run on Modulus:

$ cd /your/ghost/app
$ ghost-buster
$ modulus deploy

This will deploy the blog specified by [path]. One MUST update their blog locally. Updating live will not do anything because the blog will be overwritten by local copy on deployment.

Version management:

$ ghost-buster -u version

This will upgrade your version of Ghost to the version specified


Ghost Buster has been tested with the a hand full of Ghost apps. If you find an app that doesn't convert correctly, throw an issue in Github -


Ghost Buster was modeled after Demeteorizer.

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