A little, experimental tool to manage web assets from the CLI. Based on cdnjs / microjs libs

npm install gimme-assets
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Experimental asset manager, based on cdnjs libs.


gimme is a little, experimental tool to manage web assets from the CLI.


   gimme [command] [options]

  gimme completion              Setup tab completion
  gimme list                    List available packages
  gimme html                    Show HTML snippets to include package
  gimme readme <name>           Show the appropriate documentation manpage generated from readme file
  gimme docs <name>             Tries to open package's documentation using default browser
  gimme install <name ...>      Installs the lib(s) <name ...>


  -o, --out <dir>          output directory defaulting to ./js/libs
  -l, --loglevel <level>   What level of logs to report
  -v, --version            output program version
  -h, --help               display help information


install new packages

$ gimme install underscore.js backbone.js jquery
log   - Installing... underscore.js backbone.js jquery
log   - all done
debug - install done in 1.348s

open the package homepage

using default browser

gimme docs

view project's readme as manpage

gimme readme

list all available packages

gimme list


gimme completion

gimme completion
gimme completion install

Enables tab-completion in gimme commands.

The synopsis above loads the completions and add it to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc, making the completions available everywhere. gimme completion alone output the completion bash script, gimme completion install is the equivalent of running gimme completion >> ~/.bashrc (or ~/.zshrc)

gimme readme

gimme readme <name>

This command tries to guess at the likely location of a repository's readme, and then tries to generate a manpage using ronnjs.

gimme docs

gimme docs <name>

This command tries to guess at the likely location of an asset's documentation URL, and then tries to open it using the default browser.


gimme update

gimme update

Refresh the data.js cache in $HOME/.gimme

gimme uninstall

gimme uninstall (with no args in a package dir)
gimme uninstall <name ...>

Same usage as gimme install, but removes the locally installed (defaults in ./js/libs)

gimme search
gimme search <tag ...>

Search available assets with optional list of tags.

Creating a new command


gimme html

gimme html <name ...>

Would show the html snippet to include given package. Defaults returns the html snippet to include the cdnjs libs with local fallback.


git clone git://
cd gimme-assets
npm install && npm link


npm install -g
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