create a readable stream of a packfile's contents, sans an index file

npm install git-list-pack
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given a stream of packfile contents, emit the raw git objects contained within + their offsets.

note, this doesn't do the actual translation into real git objects, rather, it'll give you the inflated data that an object represents and its offset; likewise it skips actually applying deltas in the case of ofs and ref delta. other modules will do that.

var list = require('git-list-pack')

  .on('data', function(obj) {


list() -> pack list stream

create a through stream of pack objects.

"data" event

{ reference: Array | Buffer | null // if delta, reference will contain the relevant offset data.
, data: Buffer // the inflated data
, type: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 7 // the packed git object type
, offset: Number // the offset into the packfile
, num: Number } // the number of the object from expected_objects -> 0



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