walk a git tree represented by a git commit

npm install git-walk-tree
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given a commit object, walk its associated tree. exposed as a readable stream.

var load = require('git-fs-repo')
  , walk = require('git-walk-tree')

load('.git', function(err, git) {
  var head = git.ref('HEAD').hash
  git.find(head, gothead)

  function gothead(err, commit) {
    walk(git.find.bind(git), commit)
      .on('data', console.log)


walk(findhash function, commit[, ignoreObject]) -> readable stream

given a function to lookup hashes and a commit object, walk the tree represented by commit.

ignoreObject maps hashes to ignore to true and can be changed by the caller at any point during execution -- use this to exclude known subdirectories.



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