Use your GitHub account's commit history as a canvas. Express the artist in you!

npm install gitcanvas
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Waste your time like you never did before!


What is this?

gitcanvas is a service and command-line tool that facilitates "drawing" in your contribution summary on GitHub, by creating commits for you in the right places.

Just hop onto the site, draw something, commit with the CLI, and done! :rocket:


Using the CLI

Install it via npm.

npm install -g gitcanvas

Sit in the repository you want to generate the commits on, and then use gitcanvas CLI.

gitcanvas --help
gitcanvas --dry-run some.json
gitcanvas some.json


Provided that you give it a JSON file generated on the site, gitcanvas will generate a bunch of commits for you (no pushing around, so you can take it back).


This is mostly harmless, as commits will be empty. No changes are part of the commit. You could always use the --dry-run flag to see what the commands would look like.

Take into consideration that other people only see your public contribution activity, so using gitcanvas on a private repo won't always have the desired effect (showing off a cool, pixelated drawing).

Hosting the web application

No special treatment, just node app, done.

Why, God, Why?

Boredom, insomnia, and I just had to find a use for emoji-random, which is largely useless too.

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