Simplified GitHub API requests.

npm install github-request
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GitHub Request

Simplified GitHub API requests.

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Low level helper for working with the GitHub API.


npm install github-request


var github = require("github-request");
    path: "/orgs/jquery/repos"
}, function(error, repos) {


request(settings, data, callback)

  • settings (Object): Settings for the HTTPS request.
  • data (String): Data to pass for POST requests.
  • callback (function( error, response, meta )): A callback to invoke when the API call is complete.
    • response (Object): The parsed JSON response.
    • meta (Object): Metadata from the response headers.

The metadata provided contains information from the following headers:

  • x-ratelimit-*
  • x-github-*
  • link

These headers are parsed into a more friendly format before being passed as the meta parameter in the callback.

All x-* headers have the x- prefix removed and the names are changed from dashed form to camel case. For example, x-ratelimit-remaining becomes ratelimitRemaining.

The link header is parsed into the named rel values. For example, <>; rel="next" becomes {next: ""} and is provided in the links property.


Copyright 2013 Scott González. Released under the terms of the MIT license.

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