Node.js GitHub API (v3) Wrapper

npm install github3
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Node.JS GitHub API (v3) Wrapper


$ npm install github3

Example Code

var github3 = require('github3');

// get user information
github3.getUser('edwardhotchkiss', function(error, user) {

// get users repos
github3.getUserRepos('edwardhotchkiss', function(error, repos) {

// get users watched repos
github3.getUsersWatched('edwardhotchkiss', function(error, watched) {

// get an organizations github users
github3.getOrgMembers('github', function(error, members) {

Roadmap to 1.0.0

* Integrate oAuth Completely
* Document fully all methods
* Add Examples
* Build a non-trivial app with `github3`
* Release app on Nodejitsu
* Release Github3 v1.0.0

Running Tests

* Tests are being reworked. Considering using process.env['github_username'] etc...?

License (MIT)

Copyright (c) 2011, Edward Hotchkiss.


Author: Edward Hotchkiss

Contributors: Mark Lussier, @dolphin278, Matias Woloski, Tejesh Mehta, wemotom & Matt Loar

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