An index of gamepad input mappings for controllers using the HTML5 gamepad API

npm install gkey
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A list of human-readable names for Browser-friendly gamepads. Currently only supports generic/XBox-like controllers, but if you have the opportunity to test with others then submit a pull request and I'll merge it in!


npm install gkey


See gp-controls for an example implementation.

var generic = require('gkey/generic')
var xbox = require('gkey/xbox')

var gamepad = navigator.getGamepads()[0]

console.log(generic.buttons[0], gamepad.buttons[0]) // "<action 1>" 1
console.log(xbox.buttons[0], gamepad.buttons[0])    // "<a>" 1

console.log(generic.axes[0], gamepad.buttons[0])    // "<axis-left-x>" -0.75
console.log(xbox.axes[0], gamepad.buttons[0])       // "<axis-left-x>" -0.75
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