Draws a simplicial complex in WebGL

npm install gl-simplicial-complex
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Basic module for drawing a simplicial complex. This code can be used to get something on the screen quickly. It is useful for debugging and prototyping, though in a real 3d engine you would probably want to write your own shaders and vertex formats.


var shell = require("gl-now")()
var camera = require("game-shell-orbit-camera")(shell)
var mat4 = require("gl-matrix").mat4
var bunny = require("bunny")
var createSimplicialComplex = require("gl-simplicial-complex")

var mesh

shell.on("gl-init", function() {
  var gl =
  bunnyMesh = createSimplicialComplex(gl, bunny)

shell.on("gl-render", function() {
    view: camera.view(),
    projection: mat4.perspective(mat4.create(),
    lightPosition: [1*Math.cos(*0.001), 100.0, 1*Math.sin( * 0.001)]

Try out the example in your browser


npm instal gl-simplicial-complex


var createSimplicialComplex = require("gl-simplicial-complex")

var mesh = createSimplicialComplex(gl, params)

Creates a simplicial complex that can be drawn directly in a WebGL context.

  • gl - is a handle to a WebGL context
  • params is an object that has the following properties:

    • cells (Required) An indexed list of vertices, edges and/or faces.
    • positions (Required) An array of positions for the mesh, encoded as arrays
    • vertexColors A list of per vertex color attributes encoded as length 3 rgb arrays
    • cellColors A list of per cell color attributes
    • meshColor A constant color for the entire mesh
    • vertexNormals An array of per vertex normals
    • cellNormals An array of per cell normals
    • useFacetNormals A flag which if set to true forces cellNormals to be computed
    • pointSizes An array of point sizes
    • pointSize A single point size float

Returns A renderable mesh object


Draws the mesh to the current buffer using a Phong material.

  • params is an object that has the following properties
    • model The model matrix for the object
    • view The view matrix for the camera
    • projection The projection matrix for the display
    • lightPosition The position of the light source
    • ambient The intensity/color value of the ambient light
    • diffuse The intensity/color value of the diffuse light
    • specular The intensity/color value of the specular light
    • specularExponent The specular exponent in the Blinn/Phong model


Updates the contents of the simplicial complex in place.

  • params is a list of parameters which are in the same format as createSimplicialComplex


Destroys the mesh object and releases all resources assigned to it.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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