extract uniforms and attributes from glsl programs

npm install glsl-extract
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extract attribute and uniform data from glsl files, no matter how nested.

var extract = require('glsl-extract')

extract(fs.createReadStream('test.glsl'))(function(err, info) {
  {attributes, uniforms} = info
  for(var def of uniforms) {
    {name, type} = def  // where "name" is the full dotted, array'd
                        // gl.getUniformLocation lookup path and
                        // type is the declared type.

extract("also works with just text")(function(err, info) {
  // should execute on same frame.


extract(ReadableStream | String | Buffer[, getContextFunction) -> Continuable

Given a readable stream, string, or buffer, return a continuable that will trigger parsing. The continuable will call its callback with err (if any), and data, where data is comprised of {attributes:[GLSLLocation], uniforms:[GLSLLocation]}.


A GLSLLocation is just a plain object containing name (the appropriate name to pass to gl.getUniformLocation) and type (one of the primitive GLSL types).



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