automatically provisioned virtual machine for headless web automation

npm install golem
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automatically provisioned virtual machine for headless web automation.

  • ready for headless web automation using real Firefox and Chrome (using Xfvb)
  • provisioned with ruby stack (ruby, gem, bundler, cucumber, rake)
  • powered by Vagrant, Puppet, VirtualBox and Ubuntu 12.



# Summon your Golem!
git clone https://github.com/benjamine/golem.git
cd golem

# this will take some time! (first time it will download an ubuntu image and provision it with all the required software)

# once ready, you can start running tests on your golem machine
# you can try the included example, or any project in your machine

cd example

# golem will run the command (after "do" word) in the vm
# first time you run "golem do" on a directory, a synced folder is created to mirror cwd on guest vm, then commands are executed in that guest folder
golem do sudo bundle install
golem do cucumber

# now using chrome
golem do BROWSER=chrome cucumber

# or open an ssh session in the synced folder
golem do
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